jueves, 17 de mayo de 2012

Mayo por James Duluth

The whole world is crowded with idiots bended over their cell phones wasting time on the internet instead of saying hi to their neighbours, family or related people. How the heck did we let them screw us this way? I mean,it´s not just a matter of respect to the social conducts of the last 2 or 3 past centuries , somehow,  it also shows us how the future is going to be and i don´t know if that can bring success to any form of human society.

For example, if one government proclaims a new law against the rapture of the little kangaroos down in north Riverin, Australia, there is going to pop-up one person, no matter which gender, behind the laptop´s screen writing about that despicable law in a forgettable blog. That is nice and everybody knows , problem is that this persons will feel reliefed after doing that extremely complex action . Revolution will not be televised or tweeted. You guys must know.

You switch on the TV and you hear from the mouth of a respected and awarded journalist that Marck Zuckerberg is the most important person of the year, THE most significant guy owns information of 900 million persons. Ok , the point is clear, the guy rules due to his knowledge of the whole bunch of lambs that update their status and like and relike the same crap once and again once and again. The question is:  how those tools of social interaction are bringing some help to the world? When did the action of throwing our lives to the technological garbage start to be something important and a must?.

This technological gurus can not be the heroes or geniuses that can guide a world to it´s finest , please. Heroes are those ones who change something for the benefit of the society. Give me a light bulb, a book or even  a religion but not one mother fucking peace of plastic with an apple on the back.

I guess those social networks work as a cheap psichologist for the 99 % of the population that use it. Sentences like, " today i compromise myself to be a better person" or " i´m going to help one granny when crossing the street" are used like reminders and tools of flatter. Obviously, by the end of the day most of them don´t do what is writen on their walls but, who cares?.

I guess next step in human evolution would be the complete removal of the tongue and add more fingers to our hands like this we can keep buzzing in this broken social scene.

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