domingo, 30 de octubre de 2011

PARADISE por Luc Dupont.

That is the sound of the languages that i know. That is how my world sounds. That is the way im supposed to walk. My skin claims for another chance while i waste my precious time thinking of you, dreaming about finding the non perfect paradise. That is the sound of my heart beating the loneliness, im ashamed of having been another forgettable day to you.

Its high time to know what is gone, what i ve lost on my way; from the distance im so blind, such a shame. Has everyone found his perfect place in this perfect rounded world? By seeing the lost souls walking every morning without a direction, i dont think so. By feeling the absurd of pretending to not be me. By not listening my favourite songs again and again. By not crossing the unknown enemy`s lines just because of my fear.

Let me play, let me forget the words to start again, let me be wrong about everything, let me jump over them, let me shine.

Im the fanatic in searching of better days, these moments will be forgotten tomorrow but im not gonna be the same. Never the same as before. My bubble has to explode, my gun has to make his contribution. This language has been made to play with it, to mean everything in every way, to say nothing and however enter in the magic kingdom, whatever it means.

I want to be anyone. Anyone forever by your side. In the side of the stylish and sensitive people. I wont give up until reaching the best of the cities, until knowing the ugliest truth, the most beautiful lie. I will keep on trying and singing. I will do too many things just in a day.

All i need is a song to make my day. Im on my way to find one of my kind. After the needed fireworks and the unexpected treasures of your smile, after stoping the paranoid habit of looking backwards, i will be ready to amaze you with the sound of my craziness.

Luc Dupont.

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